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Welcome to Pixels Past!

Pixels Past is a video game design and development firm created to provide the gaming industry with innovative products and the necessary tools to build games for classic video game systems.


 Lik-Sang.com becomes a distributor of the Stelladaptor
Lik-Sang.com, the largest online video game and accessory importer in the world, has become a distributor of the Stelladaptor Atari 2600 Controller-to-USB Interface.

Please visit Lik-Sang.com's SmartJoy Section for more details.

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 Ultra SCSIcide released
Ultra SCSIcide is the highly-anticipated update of the best-selling SCSIcide game for the Atari 2600. This latest version of the game contains many improvements over the original, including joystick support, PAL capabilities (for non-US players), and other gameplay modifications.

Visit here for more details.

 Stelladaptor chosen as the winner of the 2004 Stan's Atari Excellence
Pixels Past's Stelladaptor 2600 Controller to USB Interface has been chosen as the winner of the 2004 Stan's Atari Excellence "Player's Choice Award"! These awards were created to recognize those who help keep the spirit of classic Atari systems alive and well in these modern times.

Visit here for more details.